Additional website help

Web business and building discussion topicsAlthough there isn’t a lot of content on this site yet, I’ve been in business for over 15 years. I’ve answered a lot of questions and provided scripts and recourses for a lot of people, and I’ve also written a lot of helpful posts on various website development topics over the years. Let me give you an example…

The eBook pictured to the left is a handful of links to posts from my discussion forum at If you click here to download the eBook, you will find that when you click the links, they actually lead to posts on the forum, with all kinds of useful info. Although to look at the main page of the forum one would think it has hardly been used, but currently there are (at the time of this writing) 989 posts.

The forum is easy enough to search through. You might do a search for the keywords you’re looking for over the course of the last 10 years. I don’t recall how long the forum has been up. It has been transferred over from various designs over the years so the website didn’t always look the same.

Before a the majority of people were using WordPress for building websites and blogs, another popular program/script was MovableType. I have this setup on my main website and have a number of posts from Oct. 2004 – June 2007. Again, not much on the main page but you can browse through the archives, or do a search for keywords. You might find some useful tidbits there.

There is also a forum on this site — and although there isn’t much there yet, it’s a great place to ask any questions you might have. You need to be signup for an account on this site, but then you’re free to post and reply to questions.