Hostgator Warning

The WordPress Hosting packages by Hostgator doesn’t offer the Cpanel hosting that you get with the regular shared hosting packages. After I asked about access to the MySQL database, the technician I spoke with said there wasn’t any. This is a warning. I very seldom have worked on a WordPress website where I didn’t need access to the database.

I thought about changing web hosts. I was looking at the Bluehost WordPress website accounts and it looks like theirs include Cpanel. The problem was I had already submitted an order to Hostgator to take this new account off of their optimized account for WordPress and put it on a regular shared server plan instead. The site might be slower, but I would have access to MySQL and the other tools I would need.

I had registered the domain name with Hostgator too. This was a first for me. Typically I don’t have domain names registered through hosting companies, but for the ease of billing for the client, I thought it would be a good idea.

Hostgator would not transfer the account to the shared server. They said I would have to order a shared account. I said that was fine, just transfer the money back to my credit card for the optimized account I was canceling. The responded it would take a week to do that. Not very happy about that…

So after I setup the shared hosting account, I went into the billing portal and changed the nameservers to point the domain name to this new shared account. It has been over twenty hours, and the domain name has still not redirected.

Years ago I used to tell clients that it could sometimes take anywhere from 24-73 hours for a domain name to propagate and be resolved to the hosting account. But in reality, I haven’t seen this happen for ten years or more. It’s typically working within a few minutes of setting the nameservers. So this would be another warning for anyone using Hostgator.

I used the chat support, to ask them to cancel the domain name registration and cancel the hosting account. I would register the domain name with GoDaddy and setup a hosting account on Bluehost. Their reply was it would take 48 hours to do this. I suppose when you add that to the 20 hours I’ve been waiting for the domain name to propagate, the website should be almost ready to work on.

I don’t know what has happened to Hostgator. They use to be very good to work with. Now it seems it’s like you’re beating your head on a brick wall. I should mention that this is not the first hosting company I’ve worked with and found that over the years the quality of the service was degraded to the point where it was no longer feasible to continue working with.

Who are you getting good service from these days? Leave your comments below.