Marketing Your Local Business Online

om-featuredA lot of people who have been recently unemployed… feel they need something to take up some extra time. They often decide to start a hobby that becomes a small business. It gives them something to do, and they can make some extra cash on the side. After a while, and they’ve made a few dollars, they start to think about how great it would be to start making even more money with it.

Typically, since it’s a local business, they don’t bother with online marketing. This is a mistake. If people want to find a business or service, they will look on the Internet much faster than they will pick up the phone book or yellow pages directory. If your business isn’t  advertised online, you’re committing your business to a slow death, unless you already have all the customers you will ever need… Very few of us have that…

It just isn’t enough you stick up a webpage advert without promoting it. If you don’t promote it, no one will see it. You need the search engines to pick up on it. I’ve found an Amazon Kindle eBook called Marketing Your Local Business Online: Key Strategies to Increasing Sales and Profit Using the Internet that walks you through all of the steps you will need to do, to make sure you can be found online. Once you implement these strategies, it will enable you to generate more leads, sales, and ultimately profit. If your goal is to make more money from your local business, then this book is a must-read.

Some of the things covered in this 130 page book include:

  • Building an effective website
  • Search engine marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Reputation management
  • and more!

Gone are the days of relying on print advertising as your only source of new customers. The Internet is now the #1 tool for consumers to find local businesses. Without a strong web presence, you are guaranteed to be losing business to your competitors. In this book, you will learn vital strategies to get your local business found online.

I was very impressed with this book. I was expecting a re-hash of the same old concepts and ideas that some of the online marketing gurus have been spouting for the last quarter-century. But that isn’t the case. This book is jammed packed full with valuable information, and delivered without any filler or fluff. The book is being offered for free today as part of an Amazon promotion. If you miss this free offer, you can still pick up a copy for only $12.99 — and it’s worth every penny. Click here to download it now.