Working together

This website is for those who want WordPress websites, so people in business can update, add pages images, specials, and do just about anything else they want to do without having to pay someone else to do it for them. Depending on your budget, there are three options for building your website theme.

Free or low cost themeModified free themeCustom theme
I can provide you links to over 2,000 free WP themes. You choose one that you like, and we swap out a few images, do some minor edits, have me create and add your content pages and you're looking at a price range between $300-$500.We take one of these free or low cost themes and modify it to suit your needs, and/or look more like another website that you like the look of. This involves some custom coding, and some design extras, so after content you're looking at $600-$800.We spend some time talking about things you need in a custom designed website, look at examples, and then your unique website theme is custom designed in Photoshop and later cut up and coded into a WP theme. Starts $1200-$1500.

Regardless of what theme option you want, some free plugins can be added in for you. Plugins are like programs that run in WordPress (WP) that gives your site extra functions. An example of a plugin on this site can been seen in the forum. This was installed as a plugin, and as you see it adds extra functionality to the website. Many of the plugins don’t take a whole lot of work to install, but this particular one took about an hour to set up. If you needed a more advanced plugin like this, it would cost you a little bit extra if you needed me to install it and configure it for you. But there really isn’t any reason you couldn’t do it yourself if you wanted to. There is a video tutorial on this site that shows you how to install plugins.

It’s quite understandable that you may not need a forum. Even though there are various types of forums that have been coded into WP plugins, you may be looking for some other type of function. Different plugins makes it easy to add contact forms, calendar of events, video, audio, picture galleries, images, ecommerce, membership sites… pretty well anything you would want to do. There are currently 34,578 free plugins. 

I’ve heard people say they have paid thousands of dollars for a website!
What kind of website am I going to get for under $500?

Something like this website! This website was built with a free theme, and free plugins. I haven’t even altered the background images that come with it. This website is a prime example. Depending on how much you wanted to do yourself, you could have the same thing for much less than $500. If you have a look at the blog, in the category WordPress, you will see tutorials that show you how to work with your WordPress website, so for those of you who are really looking for an inexpensive solution, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, I could have looked after the technical details of installing WordPress for you on your hosting account and getting your domain name working with it, and installing the free theme of your choice for about $85.

How much help to you need?

Using a free theme, $300-$500 is an average price of what most people would like to pay me for… for getting the basic website up; a little customizing and adding the initial content. They would like to have the website now and they will learn how to manage it later themselves. They want to get it up and running firs,t so they can start bringing in more business, and then they will learn to edit it as they go along. There is a slight learning curve… similar to learning how to write a letter with Microsoft Word.

Have any questions?

I’d be happy to answer them. If they are just general questions, please feel free to post them in the forum. General questions about building business websites using WordPress are best suited to be posted there, as answers shared there, can benefit others who may have the same question.

If you have questions about my services, or would like to directly talk to me about building a website for you, please call me at 1-(780) 232-5993 or you can email me as well.